Cannan digital marketing and training centre currently provides consultancy service in following packages. The price is valid for companies of size not exceeding 10 staff member worldwide.

《內容行銷 8 招必勝秘笈》書
10 大主題,100 個分題,
HK$1980 每位
3 小時課程 (小組形式)
教授怎樣用內容行銷由 0 做到每月超過2000位自動上門的客戶
Google 廣告策劃,管理及優化
Facebook 廣告策劃,管理及優化
YouTube 內容營銷策劃及優化

If you find above packages do not fit your needs, you may discuss with us and we will prepare a tailor-made service package especially for your company. In any case, the minimum contract term is 6 months for a single business line with company size of 20 staff or below.  If you have more than one business line and over 10 staff operation, please contact us for a quotation. You may read the FAQ by clicking the "+" below.

Online business analytics is to let you understand the market needs and examine how well your online business platform (i.e. your online shop / informative website) is doing to meet the demand of the market. The online business analytics covers digital market research at the beginning, regular monitoring and monthly report of the performance of your web site

What is happening on your website and your online customers' behavior is much more complicate than you thought. Without seriously looking at these information, you are running your business in no direction.  To make things worse, you are probably spending money for literally no result or with only a minimal return.  Our service include digital market research, develop easy to understand report and provide you analysis and advises for you to make wise business decision.

With the research and direction obtained in Online Business Analytics.  We will advise you how to develop content to meet your customers' needs.  Nowadays, you can no longer relay on a few keywords to do SEO (search engine optimization) to attractive potential customers today.  Rather,  you can attract the target customers by providing valuable content they want,  showing your product according to the rule of search engine and present your knowledge and expertise in a strategic way. More important, we will advise you how to present your information in a way that follow your customers' behavior.
Our prices are set based on the estimation of total hours of working of the consultant each month.   The current salary for an experienced digital marketing manager is in the range of HK$35,000 - HK$70,000 (depends on the scope of responsibility), not to mention the recruitment costs and benefit. With a fraction of salary, you can enjoy the service of an experienced digital marketer.
Cannan's service package does not include monthly advertising fee.  Also, there is no minimum spending amount on your online ads.
To strive for the best ROI for our Clients, we carry out keyword researching, conceiving ads, optimizing landing pages. All these work load are the same regardless of the amount you spent.
Above price covers content marketing on single language. The reason is that the research on keywords, content creation and page optimization has to be done separately.  The work load will be in the multiple of the number of language. If you need service on multiple language, then we can prepare a tailor-made contract for you.  We provide services covering Traditional Chinese , Simplified Chinese and English.
Raymond Chan (the principal consultant of Cannan) has over 10 years of experience in digital marketing.  He is also a co-founder of Well Develop (an online platform building company). He has trained over 350 SMEs to do digital marketing.  In additional, he has a profound experience in international trade and business development.  You may view his profile and connect him via LinkedIn.
好多謝Raymond 幫助我們,為我們策劃新網站,我們在灣仔區琴房租用上己經排到第一位,不少人打電話來查詢,效益很快見到,Raymond 好有心思,在許多網站的細節上都為我們著想規劃。
Janice Lam
Raymond 是一位專業的綱絡魔術師,他非常有系統地把我的服務、臨床經驗、知識和強項等,一歩一步展現在網上,幫助我的業績穩步上揚。Raymond,多謝你!
蕭醫生 , 精神科專科醫生
Raymond 感謝你一直用心提供 SEO 及 Google Adwords 顧問服務,利用準確的數據分析助我們提升網站 organic 搜尋量,又設定網上廣告方向,令我們獲得更大的網上宣傳效益,提升市場競爭力。 現在網站吸引的自然流量已經相等於我們每個月廣告引來的流量。
Felix Ng, Visual Media

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